Distribution Center- Vinhedo/SP

Strategically located in Vinhedo, at 75 km from the capital city of São Paulo, close to the three main highways of the country and to the largest load airport in Brazil, Viracopos in Campinas, the Distribution Center of Belenus has an enormous competitive advantage over its competitors.

The Distribution Center of Vinhedo is among the most modern centers in the segment, with no similar in Latin America. It is equipped with modern transelevators that are able to carry out the operation of separation and forwarding of merchandise in minutes, making faster, more precise and safer deliveries.

Commercializing 30 thousand items, the unit has a daily movement of more than 150 tons, including bolts, nuts and fixers in general, further to hardware, tools and equipment for the industry and civil construction segment.

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New Factory - Vinhedo/SP

Located in an area with 150 thousand m², with approximately 36 thousand m² of constructed area, the new Belenus plant will be the most modern of Latin America, giving priority to sustainability and high productivity.

With its inauguration scheduled to January, 2011, the new plant of Vinhedo will have its production capacity increased to 200 daily tons of fixers.

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Distribution Center Rio Grande do Sul

Inaugurated in July, 2010, the unit was conceived to serve the state of Rio Grande do Sul, important industrial pole of the country. Located in the city of Caxias do Sul and with capacity to store more than 5,000 items, the distribution center has its own fleet and local service team. The new unit was projected to manage and supply the demand of the industries of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, which can count on the quality and variety of the largest mix of fixers of the country.

Distribution Center Espírito Santo

Conceived to supply mainly to the markets of Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo and Bahia, the unit provides faster and more efficient service to thousands of customers. The distribution center of Espírito Santo commercializes more than 10 thousand items per day, offering the whole line of tools, hardware and equipment for the industry and civil construction segment.

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